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Thursday, August 24, 2006

Sam gets Green!

Pictured is Sam back in June 05, Sorry Sam I couldn't find a more up to date picture.

Sam is one of the famous four (blog 1st Jan 06) , Thomas, Adam and Daniel all graded to 6thKyu - Green Belt in June. Unfortunately Sam was away on holiday with his parents, despite pleading with them to come back from holiday early so that he could grade, it was not to be.

Sam was desperate to keep up with the others and has been traveling to York on a Wednesday evening to receive additional instruction from Gullen Shihan. To offer Sam some additional support Thomas has also been coming to York, so there are some familiar faces about.

Sensei has spent a lot of time correcting the boys techniques over the last few weeks, this does not mean that there technique was any worse than the other students. Sam and Thomas had made that little extra effort to come and train with Sensei, so Sensei will acknowledge this commitment by passing down his knowledge from 30 years of karate training.

Sam may look like a little angel (he was born on Christmas Eve in 96) but is developing a good Budo Spirit. When we line up in height order he always tries to muscle in the middle somewhere where everyone is at least a head taller. At least you are not the shortest at the club any more Sam.

Sam Grades are as follows:

12thKyu - 25th July 2004, 11th Kyu - 7th November 2004, 10th Kyu - 13th March 05, 9th Kyu - 5th Jun 05, 8th Kyu - 9th October 05, 7th Kyu - 26th February 06, 6th Kyu - 23rd August 06

Sam has made steady progress over the last three years and is not even ten until Christmas. Keep up the good work Sam and you could be the youngest Black Belt the club has ever had.

I was training down the other end of the dojo under the instruction of Sensei Mike Gude while Sam was being graded, so I couldn't follow much of it. He had to do his Kihon and Kata on his own as he was the only one grading to 6th Kyu, for Kumite Shihan asked Lucy to partner him, nearly 15 years and 1 grade Sam's Senior, this gave Sam the opportunity to show what he was made of.

Sam, Gullen Shihan told me afterwards that you had a "good"grading, believe me this is praise indeed from Shihan. Keep up the good work, and a little extra training and you will be ready to grade at the end of November.


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