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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Dave Stavenau - 3rd Kyu

Big Dave, larger than life.. at 6' 4'' too tall even for David Bailey to get him all in the photo, a legend in his own lifetime...Born in the age of Austin Powers this International man of mystery is a regular attender at both Selby and Haxby Clubs.

Dave was graded to 3rd Kyu by Kato Shihan in October 2005. Dave should be very proud of what he has achieved, but shall we see from wence he came?

Dave's first grading was in March 02, he attained 8th Kyu in July 03 and 7th Kyu in October of the same year.

Here in July 04 we see Dave grading for his Green Belt, under the ever critical eye of Gullen Shihan Dave goes through the Kihon (basics) section of his grading.

In Nov 04 Dave grades for his purple belt 5th Kyu, this is a big step up from the lower grades and expected standards are demanding. Above Dave performs Sanbon Kumite (3 step sparring) with Dave from Haxby.

In December 04 we started a tradition of holding a low profile display. Junior karateka could show parents and family what they had learnt during the past year.

Following displays of knee boxing, 5, 3, and 1 step kumite by club members sensei Ash ask Dave and myself to do a little "relaxed" ippon kumite.

Above Dave is ready for action, did the punch score or go past?

Opps! Sorry Dave... and things were going so well.

In March 05 Dave goes on to Grade for his 4th Kyu a transission to Brown belt, the Purple and white belt is yet another giant leap for both Dave and mankind.

Sensei Keith Krieghton is a very welcome presence on the Kihon table. Sensei Ian Shaw is still dreaming up increasingly difficult combinations.

Left: Dave performs Tekki Shodan. This is a difficult Kata for all of us over six feet tall.

Why does Kata always look better when the shorter Karateka perform it?

October 2005 Dave is a Brown belt!

Dave is a keen motorcylist and has a strong interest in all Japanese.

Dave we have seen you progress in the last few years, your hard work and regular training at both Selby and Haxby has provided the foundation for seven successful gradings in a row.

My final thought "Otaga-ni-rei" - Osu! (have I spelt it right Dave?)

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    • Nice story about Dave. I read you also have connection with Kato Shihan.
      He usually visit us in Sweden once or twice every year.
      I mean the Dojo where I practise.

      By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:32 PM  

    • Chadie,
      Thanks for looking at our blog, I trained with Sensei at Christmas. There was a wedding on the Saturday and Sensei was in his traditional dress, very impressive.
      I will take a look at your website.

      By Blogger Selby Karateka, at 5:44 PM  

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