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Friday, February 24, 2012

Congratulations Bex

Above - JKS Senior Elite Squad
Congratulation Sensei Rebecca for being selected to compete for the JKS England team events in the up coming EKF and Ireland competitions.

Bex's selection followed some gruelling trials with the Elite Senior squad at the LKA Honbu dojo last week.

Any karateka who has ambitions to compete for JKS England firstly needs to attend "open" training sessions, squad coaches will trial and invite karateka who meet the necessary standard to "closed" elite squad sessions. JKS team members are selected from the elite squad to compete as part of JKS England teams following ongoing knock out trials. To retain a place you need to fight for it, literally!

Bex, all of us at SSKC are very proud of your accomplishment, good luck for 2012.

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