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Sunday, May 08, 2011

Wa Shin Kan - Gateshead

Yesterday we travelled North, a bit of shopping in the Metro Centre followed by a afternoon of training at Wa Shin Kan dojo in Gateshead.
Sensei Douglas had contacted me to say that unfortunately Cook Sensei was unable to attend as planned, but this did not deter us from having the opportunity of training at another JKS dojo.

Sensei Douglas instructs in both Karate and Judo.
His karate background has always been in Shotokan, but with a mix of associations over the years, he has also shown a keen interest in what over styles have to offer. I am sure this has developed his keen interest in kata application.

For the first hour Sensei asked us what we wanted to do. It was a great opportunity for Bex to receive some further tuition on Gankaku. Sensei Douglas is an experienced competitor and an excellent instructor, just what you need when you are trying to "perfect" a kata. At a recent course it was Sensei Douglas that was selected by Kagawa Sensei to demonstrate good technique.
We also had the opportunity of running through Gankaku Sho which is a SKI higher level kata developed from an Okinawa form.

Above: you do not always find your opponent at normal kumite distance.

As more karateka joined the session we went on to work on Kihon and combinations at different distances and onto kata applications.

Above: Some application with Sensei Ian Campbell

Both Bex and myself had a great afternoon, the early part more main stream karate (that Bex prefers) and the later part with some application and close quarter work (which I enjoy, a bit of a throw back to my Jiu Jitsu background). Many thanks to Sensei Ian Campbell, my training partner for most the later session.

Above: You may be working outside your normal karate comfort zone, but that does not stop you enjoying yourself.

We left Gateshead to travel back to Yorkshire two happy karate gypsies who had taken another step along "the way", Sensei ne rei, Otagai ni rei, Osu!

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