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Sunday, November 28, 2010

More Asai Ryu and Shotokan kata uploaded

I have uploaded a few more videos:
Kato Ryu - Kibaken Shodan and Yondan
Asai Ryu - Meikyo Sandan and Kato Sensei teaching Junro Shodan
The Meikyo Sandan is not the Kato Ryu version that the IJKA have followed recently but may be the earlier version taught at the JKA, let me know your thoughts...

Update on the database:
Shotokan kata: 151 videos in total from 26 kata of the 26 listed
Asai Ryu Kata : 111 Videos in total from 41 kata of the 83 listed
Kato Ryu Kata: 8 Videos in total from 5 kata of the 7 listed
Koller Ryu Kata: 2 video in total from 1 kata of the 1 listed
Wheelchair Kata: 8 Videos in total from 7 kata of the 18 listed
Total number of videos in the database = 280

If you follow the link to my kata page and double click on the kata name, it will take you to the video of the kata selected.

Click on the yellow buttons below to return to the "HOME" or sskc "Kata" pages.


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