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Saturday, November 06, 2010

Selby Karate Friends Re-United

At Nottingham today I bumped into Sensei Luis Bastidas.

We have been in contact for the last few months and Luis is very keen to try and establish links with old SSKC Karateka.

Inspired by Sensei Luis, I have decided to start a new section to our blog - "Old Members".

Luis very kindly lent me his old Kodokai Licence and gave me a gift of an original Shotokan Karate International Kodokai badge.

Please follow the link in the side bar by clicking on "Old Members" I have entered what details I have from Luis and will ask him to E mail me further info and photos etc.

I will also contact a few Ex members and ask if they will share their Information.

If you know of any old members please forward to them. Every year we hold a SSKC competition in May, do you think that this would make a great date for a annual SSKC reunion?

You may not have put a Gi on in a few years, but you may get the opportunity to wave a flag or present a cup, and have the opportunity of a small shandy afterwards, Osu!

Click on the yellow button below to return to the "HOME" page.


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