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Saturday, November 20, 2010

JKS Xmas course @ Nottingham

Rebecca, Matt Beard and myself travelled down to Nottingham today to train with Campbell and Langley Sensei. Sensei Mike and Ian from Haxby also attended with Simon and Jim.

The course was split into two halves, the first half Langley Sensei developed the differing principles of straight and round techniques. Working at different distances and directions developing into entrances to Seoi Nage, Tai Otoshi and Tomoe Nage throws. Sensei Scott's session finished with the Asai Ryu kata Senka.

The second half Campbell Sensei instructed, finishing with a great session on kata application.

Many thanks to Robert Graham who took some photos on the course and posted on facebook.

Below: on the the end of the attack is Sensei Paul Murphy from Birmingham.
I thought Paul was trying to cut the pad in half...lol

Above: Sensei Paul Murphy attacks Haito Uchi

Above : Attacking Kaiten Mika Zuki Geri

I struggled a bit with the spinning crescent kick, Sensei Bill Rodgers suggested I shorten my stance, spinning on the front heel and they did get better.

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