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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Thank you all

Many thanks to Karateka from Selby and Haxby that attended the Kick for Cancer event along with Ashley from St John's Ambulance cadets at Selby.
We raised over £240 this afternoon and there is still a bit more sponsorship to come in.
Please pass any monies to Claire Hardy at Barlby or Hambleton dojos.
When we have a total in a few weeks time I will post the details.
It is great to see our kids raising some monies for this really worthwhile cause to benefit kids who are less fortunate.
We also had a great afternoon.
My thanks also goes to Claire for suggesting the event, Sensei Andy, Simon and Mikey for their goal keeping skills, and for Kelvin for his refereeing...look out Howard FIFA has seen some potential.
Congratulations to Ellie, Ashley and Liam for winning all the prizes.

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