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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Kagawa Sensei Inverkeithing Scotland

Above: Kagawa Sensei - 8th Dan JKS

Bex and I travelled North to the hombu dojo of JKS Scotland to train with Masao Kagawa Sensei 8th Dan JKS World technical director and JKF National coach. Many thanks to Sensei Paul & JKS Scotland for hosting the event and all the hard work that goes on behind the scenes.
Are we mad travelling 800Km for 1 & 3/4 hour training session?
I would say no.

I can't remember where I read it now, it may have been Bertel Sensei that stated if your Sensei is not training harder (wiser/longer) than yourself you may want to review who your Sensei should be. This was a direct reference to Asai Shihan, but as my own karate develops I think it is important that I don't stand still, but progress as fast as my aging frame will allow.

The Highlights of the 2 day trip, was the opportunity to talk to my wife Claire for a few hours, during the ten hour round trip drive. (All too often we are just passing in our own routines.)
The training - brillant! The 3 K's. Kihon - Gyaku Zuki & Geri, Kumite - stance changing, attack and counter drills & Kata - Meikyo Nidan. M2 is one of my favourite Kata and I even managed to sneak peak at Kagawa Sensei running Sensei Scott through M3. This helped to reinforce a kata that I am still working on.

As the Kyu class finished we bumped into Mia, who used to train at York before moving to Scotland. It was lovely to see her again, still training hard. Sensei Keith can be very proud of his Ex student, he gave her very strong foundations that have been recognised in the JKS.
I ended up being partnered with one of Mia's Sempai for most of the session and we did have a a bit of a chance to discuss her progress.

We were staying a little further North and the evening finished with a meal with Kagawa Sensei just round the corner from our Hotel. Bex and I also got a chance for a few words with Sensei Scott after our meal, hopefully he will be back in Yorkshire some time soon?

I genuinely thought after my grading I would take it easy for a while, no chance. I have been more motivated than ever to push myself on in my journey of Karate-do inspired by Shihan and Sensei from many varied organisations, my only focus, quality shotokan karate.

Shihan-Ne-Rei, Sensei-Ne-Rei, Otagai-Ne-Rei, Osu!

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