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Sunday, November 09, 2008

5th JKS (GB) Open Championships

Purely from a table assissants point of view, I would like to congratulate Sensei Alan Campbell and his team for organising an efficiently and professionally run championship. The competition areas were clearly marked and well laid out; the referees and assisstants were given their briefings prior to the commencement of the competition, enabling uniform decisions to be made across the areas; the category and entrants lists were clearly positioned for all to see on arrival; the interlocking mats were a great improvement on the standard 'kick-em and stick-em' mats - shame there weren't more available and, the ongoing results announcements/awards throughout the competition enabled the finish time to be sooner than later, allowing long-distance travellers to get home at a decent hour.
Well done to all the Selby, Haxby and York competitors who attended Nottingham, not only the medal winners, and there were a few, but to all those who competed, some for the first time in a national championship, and maybe felt dissapointed with their performance. I wasn't able to see most of the competition, unless it ocurred on area 2, but I'm sure photos and other correspondence will be published in due course.
Congratulations once again to the organisers, competitors and, to the spectators/'taxi drivers' who give up their spare time to support their club members at these events.
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