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Saturday, August 23, 2008

IJKA European Championships Italy 2008 Pt2

Part 2 is the Kumite clips

Sam was drawn against the eventual winner of the kumite for his age group, he put up a good challenge, but it was not going to be his day. Sam is looking forward to the JKS competition in November and Italy was the ideal start of his preparation.

We would like to thank "J Rotherham Masonary Limited" (Sam's Dad's employers) for their sponsorship towards Sam's costs.

Sam fitted in so well with the entire England team and showed maturity beyond his years, he was an absolute pleasure to have him with us. We look forward to you joining us at Whitchurch in the future.

Above: Sam's Kumite

Rebecca had a hard fight, we were all very proud of her efforts. You can't always win, but you must always compete with good spirit and etiquette. Rebecca told me afterwards that she was glad that Sensei was refereeing the match because she felt safer. Rebecca walked away a little dazed, with a few small cuts to the lips etc, but it hasn't broken her spirit for kumite. At just 16 there is still a lot to learn.

File too big to upload - Hope to post shortly

Above: Rebecca's Kumite

Helen was drawn against Jackie from Ireland, a very experienced karateka that has spent a while training with the SKI.

Above: Helen's Kumite

Simon was drawn in the senior kumite against a very experienced 4th Dan, he did well to hold his own before an unfortunate clash of legs led to the end of Simon's competition.

File too big to upload - Hope to post shortly

Above: Simon's Kumite

In Hungary 2007, I was drawn against the Hungarian Chief Instructor Tamas, he went on to win, easily. I turned and said to Brian Toomey that I would be happy with anyone but Tamas. I was waiting to be called up, my name was called out and Tamas immediately afterwards. I had rushed in a bit last year so had to change my tactics this year. I didn't win but I was happy with my effort. May be we will meet again in 2010.

Above: Paul's Kumite

If you were unable to join us this year what about Estonia in 2010, next year there will not be a championship, but there will be a European Gasshuku and Seminar at Lake Balaton in Hungary between the 8th and 12th July 2009. We would like to take a few more karateka from Yorkshire in 2010 so keep up the training and set your sights on a medal for England in 2010.

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