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Monday, August 25, 2008

Course with Sensei Scott Langley JKS

On Thursday 21st August 2008 Sensei Scott instructed at the Haxby dojo, while visiting his family in Malton. We don't have the opportunity to train with Scott very often and despite Helen, Rebecca, Sam and myself just returning from Italy we were not going to pass it by.
Dave, Claire and Emma also travelled from Selby for the session.
Sensei Scott is a graduate of the JKS Hombu dojo Instructors course, one of only a handful of westerners to complete the course, he is the technical director of the JKS GB & Ireland and has a string of dojo where he is based in Dublin.
Sensei Scott's session was based on the differences of snap and thrust techniques.Scott demonstrating the need to pull the leg tight into the chest while kicking Mae Geri.
Rebecca pull her leg tight in to execute the kick on Sensei Helen.

As you would expect we started with Kihon, Scott was promoting the use of the natural residual energy from the first technique to be used in the second. The important point was to let your body use this natural energy instead of wasting it with poor technique.

Sensei Mike, Don and Claire in the foreground punching Oi Zuki.

Dave attacks Mae Geri against Michael from York dojo.

Sensei Scott developed the principles learnt in Kihon to the Kata Bassai Dai.

We would like to thank all the KUGB karateka that supported the course, due to holidays I think the dojo may have been a little empty without you. Pictured above is Sensei Randy Williams 6th Dan KUGB with Sensei Ian Shaw from Haxby dojo.

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