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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Grading Results 6th November 2016

We had a great night at SSKC even if it was a little cold in the sports hall at the rear of the school.
Matt Price Sensei took the younger members for the first hour, where the SSKC ninja showed great spirit.

For the second hour the focus was on kumite drills and in the final hour with Black and Brown belts Tekki Nidan was the focus.

The session was strongly supported with 5 visitors boosting our number to 64 in total, the best attendance for a while.

Congratulations to Everyone that passed their gradings tonight under Paul Brant Sensei 3rd Dan SSKC Senior Instructor and Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan - JKS England Squad Coach.

Just Click on your name to take you to your personal page for photos, grading progress and more.

Kyu Grades
2nd Kyu Simon Frost
2nd Kyu (t) Viktoria Rymarz
7th Kyu Katharine Birchall
9th Kyu Kirsty Murray
9th Kyu Oliver Feeney
9th Kyu Jack Feeney
9th Kyu Caroline Hunt

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