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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Grading Results 9th October 2016

Congratulations to the twenty-nine SSKC members that graded at the weekend.
It was a fantastic day with Alan Campbell Sensei : Head of JKS England and Wales and Matt Price Sensei : Squad Coach of JKS England.

Just Click on your names to take you to your personal page for photos, grading progress and more.

Kyu Grades
1st Kyu Myles Phillips
1st Kyu Leah Fielding
1st Kyu James Crossland
3rd Kyu Sam Barfield
4th Kyu Grace Jones-Devitt
4th Kyu Tash O'Boyle
5th Kyu Mark Christian
6th Kyu Parveen Ahmad
6th Kyu Connor Christian
6th Kyu Irah Brereton
7th Kyu Elliot Murray
7th Kyu Amrit Daffu O'Reilly
8th Kyu Monica O'Reilly
8th Kyu Kelly Holmes
8th Kyu Darcey Burrows
8th Kyu Amelia Everall
8th Kyu Matilda Birchall
8th Kyu Damon Holmes
8th Kyu Billy McMurray
9th Kyu Daniel Speck
9th Kyu Isaiah Brereton
9th Kyu Megan Theasby
10th Kyu Luke Barrett-Watt
10th Kyu William Speck
11th Kyu Julius Brereton
11th Kyu Natasha Fieldsend
11th Kyu Rosie Cahill
12th Kyu Thomas Barfield
12th Kyu Maddi Feeney
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