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Saturday, April 27, 2013

A fundraiser for Mike and Ian Sensei from HSKC

On Sunday 7th April, over 70 karateka gathered at York University for a ‘Special’ Karate Course. HSKC had arranged for Alan Campbell, Scott Langley, and Rob McCartney Sensei to provide the instruction.

The course was split into two sections. Sensei Alan took the adults and senior grades for the first session on Junro Shodan, focusing on correct turning and spinning on the heel or ball of the foot. He then handed over to Sensei Scott who focused on the two handed simultaneous block and attack moves in Junro Nidan.

The class was completed by sensei Rob showing lots of applications to Heian Sandan. There was certainly a lot of discussion after each session about what had just been covered, and a lot of people practicing some of the moves to make sure that they would not forget them – always the sign of very engaging, useful and motivating instruction!

Meanwhile the Junior karateka were put through their paces by Paul, Lorraine and Jim Sensei. The first hour consisted of warm up games – designed to increase their concentration and attention. For the second session Sensei Paul had arranged for Kat, one of the Olympic torch bearers, to talk to the children about her experience of carrying the Olympic torch, and there were lots of games based around the campaign for Karate to be in the 2020 Olympics. Things got (a little) more serious in the final session when we had a kumite based competition for the children. There were several rounds of ‘grab the tag’ –
where you have to grab the ribbon in your opponent’s belt whilst protecting your tag – ideal practice for real kumite (and the upcoming Selby Competition!). Medals were awarded for the top competitors by Sensei Alan.

Kat’s endless patience in giving absolutely everyone who wanted the opportunity to have their photo taken with her and 
her Olympic torch was rewarded when Sensei Paul surprised her with a cheque from the Selby Karateka who has done nearly 60,000 sponsored karate technique in order to raise money to help Kat with her sports training.

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