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Sunday, February 24, 2013

York Gradings 24th February 2013

A big thank you to Sensei Alan and Scott for a great day of karate.

Well done to everyone that graded, congratulations to the 35 of our students that graded, can you spot yourself in the attached montage?

If you click on your name it will take you to your own "member page" if you have any photos from the day that you would like uploaded to your page, just attach them in an E Mail to me, Osu!

Kyu Grades
1st Kyu Abby Cooke
1st Kyu David Leadbeater
1st Kyu Josh Hardy
4th Kyu Scott Haxby
4th Kyu Charlotte Haxby
5th Kyu Emily Crockford
6th Kyu Molly Douglas
7th Kyu Lydia Guthrie
7th Kyu Madison Young
7th Kyu Heath Waters
7th Kyu Ibrahim Ahmad
7th Kyu (t) Lee Griffin
7th Kyu (t) Thomas Fieldsend
8th Kyu Craig Whiteley
8th Kyu Lindsay Kirk
8th Kyu Xio Wei Han
8th Kyu Karen Guthrie
9th Kyu Phoebe Culpan
9th Kyu Myles Phillips
9th Kyu Leah Fielding
9th Kyu Wiktoria Rymarz
9th Kyu Bradley Urwin
9th Kyu Rose Dunne
9th Kyu Liam Dunne
10th Kyu Imaan Ahmad
10th Kyu Ben Hall
11th Kyu Harrison Kirk
11th Kyu Harrison Fairhurst
11th Kyu Lewis Urwin
11th Kyu Berhan Haker
11th Kyu Finlay Pearson
11th Kyu Sam Barfield
11th Kyu Alex Kilbane
12th Kyu Marny Waters
12th Kyu Joshua Whiteley

Special mention to Rose, Liam and Craig who double graded.

Your individual "Member" pages have been updated and hopefully some photos to follow later in the week.

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