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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Dates for the diary

A busy few weeks ahead leading up to Christmas, so please put some dates in the diary.

18th November 2012NottinghamBlack and Brown Belt training + JKS England Squad Training
21st November 2012 - 19.30 hrsBarlbyClub EGM - Please attend
25th November 2012NottinghamJKS England Championships
1st December 2012GrimsbyCarless Sensei Cse
8th December 2012NottinghamJKS Christmas Course - Alan + Scott Sensei
12th December 2012 -
18.30 to 20.00 hrs
Barlby SSKC Christmas Display and Trevor Jinks Cup presented
16th December 2012 - 16.00 hrsRegen Cenrte, RiccallSSKC Kids Christmas Party
19th December 2012BarlbyLast Training Session 2012
28th December 2012 - 20.00 hrsYork City CentreAdult social 
6th January 2013BarlbyFirst training session 2013

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