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Monday, August 17, 2009

O' waza, Chu waza and Ko waza @ Hambleton

Thank you to all the karateka that found their way out of Barlby and a few miles down the road to Hambleton on Sunday. (Don't forget were there for 2 more weeks)

The focus of Sensei Andy's session was O'WAZA, CHU WAZA and KO WAZA.

O means great or large and Ko means Minor or small and Chu half way in between, waza of course means technique.

Sensei Andy explained it as , All basic Kihon in a full step is where we all start, these techniques are classed as O' waza. After we have developed our basics it is time to move on and we learn to half step or step back and step in, this is Chu waza.
Ko waza is the advanced technique of developing power from a forward position, a short but still powerful technique. If you took Ko waza to the extreme you would have the famous one inch punch.

Sensei Andy had us perform Ko waza from a close Shomen position. Dom and myself found ourselves naturally wanting to make hamni first rather than attacking from where Sensei had placed us. Still loads to learn as always.

Sensei Andy explained that the aim of this type of training is to produce the same impact with every technique regardless of where the movement starts from and where it ends. In basics we learn just to contact the gi, later maybe one inch in, if we need to fight, our target will be still further. Sensei explained that in a real life situation you need "Ko waza", it is not much use stepping back gedan bari in the pub is it?

Sensei Andy finished the session with drilling us with nine closed hand and nine open hand blocks, we will build on this training in the next few weeks but eighteen blocks will give us a strong foundation for Ippon kumite or Jiyu Ippon Kumite.

Hope as many Karateka as possible on the new Wednesday sessions at Hambleton where we will be concentrating on more of this type of essential but non-core syllabus work.

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