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Saturday, July 04, 2009

Special Offer to Barlby Schools

Sensei Andy and Rebecca presented pupils with a certificate to celebrate the completion of there introduction to Shotokan Karate.

Above: Pupils from Barlby Hilltop Community School

Leila, Liam and Abby (not in the photo) as SSKC members helped out with the sessions and provided the beginners with someone to follow. Thank you to the three of you.

SSKC have put together a special package with Actice Selby for students who have just completed a 10 week taster session at Barlby Hilltop and Barlby Bridge Primary Schools. Pupils are being offer a 3 month discounted course and a free karate Gi if they want to continue with their study of Shotokan. Any student who takes up the offer will be ideally placed to take a formal IJKA grading in the Autumn with Kato Shihan when he next comes to York.

I have just completed the CSN returns to the local authority and was very pleased with our contribution to the community. Sensei Andy and Rebecca have provide 358 pupil hours of instruction to the schools, with a fairly even split between boys and girls.

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