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Thursday, June 05, 2008


Last Sunday we finished off with some kata practise, it has been a while since I have done Hangetsu, too long really.
To learn the kata is quite straight forward, to do it well is quite another thing...

Above: Kanazawa Shihan performs Hangetsu

Sensei Andy took us through some of the areas that we need to work on, stance, technique, breathing, zanshin, pretty much everything really. It looks so easy when sensei demonstrated it.
Andy sent me the attached which he believes is about the kata and karate in general, I like the Kata and the poem...enjoy!

"Enter deeply" the sensei said,
Strive for perfection the moral read,
Guard the path, honour the code,
Seek the truth on an endless road,
Foster the spirit, be firm yet bend,
There are no short cuts for there is no end,
Reach for that pride that needs you harm,
Bury it deep with the strength of their arm,
Still yet moving, moving yet still,
Action providing the test of will,
Technique will bind muscle and breath,
As you too find the colours of death,......

Be quick now, seize the chance,
Be slow now, fathom the dance,
Soft as sand, sifted and blown,
Soft as sand yet solid as stone,
Blunt as a bludgeon sharp as a knife,
Past fatigue to the greater life,
The meaning lies inside your head
"Enter deeply" the sensei said.............

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