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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Another new kata?

Sensei taught mainly Kihon at the weekend but he did teach some kata pre gradings. He went onto teach two linked kata explaining some history behind them.

Although new to most of us they are not new to the IJKA or Karate in general.

The first Kata was Meikyo Nidan, the second of three Meikyo kata, the first is in the standard Shotokan 26 syllabus. Meikyo Nidan is an Asai Kata based on Matsumura Rohai. It stands out with the use of the relatively unusual "Sagi ashi dachi" stance (Crane leg or Heron foot stance).

Asai Sensei taught Meikyo Nidan from the mid 80's onwards, firstly to other JKA instructors and then more generally from the early to mid 90's.

Above: Sensei Kato teaching Meikyo Nidan
Sensei Kato also taught Matsumura Rohai so we could understand the development. The kata is pre-Shotokan ( I believe) and uses "Neko Ashi Dachi" (Cat Stance) and a much shorter stance for the stepping movements and "Yame Zuki" techniques similar to Bassai Dai.

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  • Paul

    Sounds like an excellent course, I wish I had been there, but my wife was in labour at the time. Meikyo Nidan is one of my favourite youtube kata, I have seen videos of Scott Langley Sensei doing this kata and the Sensei Kato footage as well. As for Rohai, in Wado we do a version very similar to Itosu Rohai Shodan (I will check youtube for Matsumura Rohai to see the differences). I like Rohai, but have yet to work out the application of some of the moves, but prefer the Shotokan (Asai)version.

    I hope to see you on Sunday



    By Blogger Ian Culpan, at 8:43 PM  

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