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Sunday, July 01, 2018

HDKI Female Competition 16th June 2018

I was really proud of team SSKC at the HDKI Competition.

The results are liosted below and a great montage of photos from the day.
Sarah Dudley - Gold in kata - Gold in Kumite 

Matilda Murray - Gold in Kumite 
Katharine Birchall - Silver in Kumite - Bronze in Kata - Bronze in team kata 
Sophie Hutchinson - Bronze in Kumite
Kirsty Murray - Gold in Kumite
Amrit Daffu O'Reilly - Bronze in Kumite

Matilda Birchall and Monica O'Reilly - Heros for competing for SSKC

Many thanks to Scott Haxby for Coaching while I was waving flags, Osu!

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