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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Grading Results 10th July 2017

Congratulations to the seven SSKC members that graded tonight at our "sweep-up" gradings for those that could not attend our main June course.
The grading panel was headed by Sensei Paul assisted by Sensei Matt and Steve, many thanks to Warren Sensei who instructed the rest of the class while gradings were on going.
A big step for Sam to his first senior grading - well done.
Luke and William both had solid performances and were promoted a full grade to 8th Kyu.
Daniel was finding like many that the transition to Yellow belt is a big step a little more work on stances and kata practice required but performed strong enough to gain a temporary 7th Kyu grade.
Damon had a solid performance in kihon and kumite but lacked a little speed in kata and was graded to 6th Kyu.
Parveen much like Damon solid performances in Kihon and kumite, but the kata was a little slow and could do with some further polishing, overall a 5th Kyu pass.
Imaan struggled a little to find the step change that is looked for from 5th to 4th kyu, timing of foot and hand coordination requires a little work, and kumite and kata both lacked zanshin (martial spirit and feeling) again like red to yellow belt this is a big step and Imaan managed to secure a temporary 4th Kyu grade - well done.

So in all 5 full grades and 2 temporary grades, but all 7 progress forward in their karate journeys, Osu!

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Kyu Grades
4th Kyu (t) Imaan Ahmad
5th Kyu Parveen Ahmad
6th Kyu Damon Holmes
7th Kyu(t) Daniel Speck
8th Kyu Luke Barrett-Watt
8th Kyu William Speck
9th Kyu Sam Hutchinson

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