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Saturday, August 02, 2008

The unique kata blog

Sensei Mark Watts is the "blogmaster" for the Whitchurch Mafia (dojo), they have a very interesting sub blog for kata stances and locations. This is how he describes it....

"The sad bunch of karate-ka we are, we spend most of our time either in the dojo training or away from the dojo talking or thinking about karate in ways in which we can all maximise our own development and each others knowledge.This started in the dojo with flip cards, whereby having picked a flipcard with a kata written on it you had to adopt a position / stance of a kata so as this kata was recognisable apart from any other. As you can imagine this generated some very technical discussions and has been a great source of learning not only in the dojo but also in the bar afterwards or wherever you may be !

But it hasn't stopped there. Mobile phones were being used to text photographs of karate-ka in a said position / stance of a kata but taken in unusual places ( Asda - Morrisons - Hospitals etc ). Unfortunately this practise has now taken on a life of its own. It is now only acceptable to submit photographs if a wearing a Gi. This has reduced the trips to Asda etc but being Karate-ka we have become more resourceful.

Please have a look at the photos listed and submit any for inclusion. Be mindful that any submitted will be vetted by 'The Committee' and should the location of the photograph be poor or the stance / position be found in other katas then be prepared for some friendly banter !Oss"

While in Ireland we took the picture below of
Ryo-sho yama-gamae in Hidari Hangetsu-dachi

and sent it to the committee, I was surprised it was included and ever more surprised that we got no banter reference poor stances/technique.

The sub blog can be found at: http://uniquekata.blogspot.com/

If you have jumped into the middle of our blog via a search engine you may want to go to our latest post; please follow the link below that will relaunch the blog
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  • Paul

    Nice picture.

    Why not post on the KU forum in the Extreme Kata Bereau in the Our Tribe section.

    It looked like alot of fun training on the beach.


    By Blogger Ian Culpan, at 9:13 PM  

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