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Sunday, October 13, 2019

Kyu grading results - October 2019

A great course and grading with JKS England Coach Matt Price Sensei 6th Dan

Just Click on your names to take you to your personal page for photos, grading progress and more.

Kyu Grades
2nd Kyu Peter Greensmith
2nd Kyu Qing McKenna
4th Kyu Luke Marshall
5th Kyu Aiden Aked
5th Kyu Tilly Frost
5th Kyu Thomas Barfield
5th Kyu Joanna Holmes
5th Kyu Eddie Marshall
6th Kyu Carl Gibson
7th Kyu Sylvia Murray
7th Kyu Nevis Bate
7th Kyu Alice Edwards
7th Kyu Natalie Pearse
8th Kyu George Alderman
8th Kyu Hannah Steen
8th Kyu Lynn Steen
8th Kyu Jack Holmes
8th Kyu Jesse Holmes
8th Kyu John Gibson
8th Kyu Rose Gibson
8th Kyu Tom Orviss
8th Kyu Sam Guthrie
8th Kyu Logan Frankland
9th Kyu Julie Barfield
9th Kyu Marie Alderman
9th Kyu Maddy Eldon
10th Kyu Georgina Browne

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