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Selby Shotokan Karate Club

Monday, April 02, 2018

SSKC have two new Sandan

Top day training with Kagawa Shihan in Nottingham on the 10th March 2018.

Very proud to announce that SSKC have two new Sandan.

Congratulations to both Matt Beard and Steve Furniss.

Both have worked consistently hard over the last 12 months to prepare.

Matt has had to balance his instructor responsibilities with his own training. Many thanks to Caroline for the support that she provides Matt giving up family time, please make sure he spoils you now.

Steve increased his training to 4 times a week in the last few months, which is a massive commitment from someone that travels from Hull. That is over 300 miles a week just travelling to karate! He has been Nidan for over 20 years and has had to adapt to the JKS style and learn a few more kata. This has not been easy, but Steve has remained determined.

I would also like to thank Matt Price Sensei for the support he has given Matt and Steve both at SSKC and at LKA Hombu dojo training sessions, Osu!

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