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Monday, November 03, 2014

JKS Nationals - SSKC team results

A massive medal haul for SSKC at the JKS Nationals in Nottingham on Sunday 2nd November 2014.
A big thank you to the whole team, coaches, helpers and parents for supporting the event.
Individual member pages have been updated with details of the event and any photos I have to date.
Go to the side bar and click on "Members", then click on a name and it will take you straight to that members home page.
If you are interested on how your instructors performed in the past just click on "Instructors" and click on their name.
Assen, Han and Simon celebrate a clean sweep in Ind Kata.
Medal winners were as follows:
Berhan Harker - Gold - Ind Kata
Leah Fielding - Bronze - Ind Kata & Silver - Ind Kumite
Rebecca Arinkov - Gold - Ind Kata
Xiao Wei Han - Gold - Ind Kata - Silver - Ind Kumite
Simon Frost - Bronze - Ind Kata
Assen Arinkov - Silver - Ind Kata
Warren Bate - Bronze - Ind Kata
Thomas Cahill - Bronze - Ind Kumite
Charlotte Haxby - Bronze - Ind Kumite
Abby Cooke - Bronze - Ind Kumite and Silver - Team Kumite
Emily Crockford - Bronze - Ind Kumite and Silver - Team Kumite
Holly Bamford (HSKC) - Silver - Team Kumite

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