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Monday, September 01, 2014

Grading results 19th October 2014

Please see below the grading results from Sunday.
Member pages have been updated to reflect your current grade.
Just Click on the name in the table below to go to the individuals member page.

5th Kyu Simon Frost
6th Kyu Assen Arinkov
6th Kyu (t) Bradley Urwin
7th Kyu Grace Jones-Devitt
7th Kyu Rebecca Arinkov
8th Kyu Thomas Arinkov
8th Kyu Mia Boyle
8th Kyu Paul Bowden
8th Kyu Josh Bowden
8th Kyu Izzy Haxby
8th Kyu (t) Tash O'Boyle
9th Kyu Elliott Mountford
9th Kyu Mark Christian
9th Kyu Holly Urwin
9th Kyu Jamie Jackson
9th Kyu Connor Christian
9th Kyu (t) Isabelle Wilton
9th Kyu (t) Charlie Hudson
10th Kyu Lily Boston
10th Kyu Wiktoria Kielek
11th Kyu Elliot Murray
11th Kyu Bobby Dootson
11th Kyu Ellie Fielding
11th Kyu Matilda Murray

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