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Monday, August 29, 2005

Club Instructors

Sensei Ashley Dilcock - 3rd Dan Ashley was awarded his Sandan in May 2003 by the assocation's chief instructor Kato Shihan 8th Dan. Quite an achievement at only 21 years old.
Ashley trained for many years under the direction of Gullen Shihan, based in York. Left: Sensei Ash in Cyprus IJKA Championships Team Kata Champions 2004

Sensei Trevor Jinks - 1st Dan
Trevor is the most senior and respected member of our club. Approaching 70 years old he is an inspiration to us all. Trevor was awarded his Shodan in March 1998. When you are tired you just look to your left and there is Sensei Trevor still going strong, so you just can't give up when a man of Trevors maturity is still training hard. Sensei Trevor is very active and has many interests but still he manages to find the time to train and assist Sensei Ashley at the club.


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